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all you gotta do is get rudy on board

so i got this new camera for my birthday. and i went on kind of a crazed photo-taking spree for two weeks and then pretty much forgot it was in my bag, like i do. so it occurred to me to get a tumblr account and maybe that would propel me to take photos on a more regular basis.

so i got one, and it is here: mocking.bird. the ones tagged "fauxmography" are the ones that i took and poked at in photoshop to make them look lomo or low-def or whatever. TAKE MORE PICTURES, ME. POKE POKE.

ETA: so i haven't really been taking more pictures, but it turns out that tumblr is perfect for my attention span, so i have been spending really a ridiculous amount of time over there. got to love that reblog button.


this is kind of extremely awesome.

the reliquary, ancient and modern.